Ethiopia Trio - Mixed Process

Grind: Whole Bean

$45.00 USD

Enjoy 3 - 8oz bags of Ethiopian coffees processed in 3 different styles: washed, honey, and natural. Taste the differences between each and find your favorite post-harvest process!

Ethiopia Natural Sidama – Shanta Golba Washing Station
Shanta Golba is a washing station in the Bensa region of Sidama, Ethiopia. Over 1200 small-holder farmers deliver coffee to this washing station and have various indigenous natural shade trees covering the property. Shanta Golba uses strict ripe cherry specifications and typically only uses the middle to end of harvest for the highest grades as these are typically the highest elevation coffees. Coffee usually dries for roughly 18 days here due to the use of natural shade trees over the raised beds. 

Ethiopia Honey Sidama – Buncho Washing Station
The Buncho washing station is located in Sidama, Ethiopia. This washing station collects cherry from local small farmers in the area. Its founders Asefa Dukamo and MuluGeta Dukamo opened this washing station under their company Daye Bensa Coffee. In addition to owning their own farm, Daye Bensa Farm, they also own 16 washing stations and 4 dry mills in Bensa, Aroressa and Chire districts of Sidama.

Ethiopia Washed Guji – Hambela Wamena Washing Station
The Hambela Wamena Washing Station was founded in 2018 by the founder of Tega & Tula farms. Its location at the top of the highest mountain peak of Guji Hambela makes it a central point to serve surrounding towns and it currently serves around 3,900 producers. There are a number of social programs supported by this washing station including the building of roads, schools, and technical equipment and support for producers as well as medical health expenses and support for women's health care.

Net Weight 24oz (680g)
Roast Light 
Origin Ethiopia
Process Washed, Honey, Natural
Sourcing Sustainable, Transparent
Growing Altitude 1900-2500 MASL