Honudras - El Colibri

Size: 12oz

Grind: Whole Bean

$18.00 USD

At Finca El Colibri, Mirna Lizeth Dominguez Marquez cultivates 16,000 coffee trees on her 5 manzanas farm (12 acres). After harvest, the coffee is fermented for 15 hours to remove the mucilage. It is cleaned, and then dried for 13 days on African raised beds.

The Marcala region is of great importance to Honduras coffee, being the first area to receive a "Protected Origin Denomination". Small producers in this tropical savannah are experimental with the processing, resulting in some of Honduras' highest scoring coffees.

Net Weight 340g - 12oz OR 5 lbs.
Roast Light
Origin Finca El Colibri
Process Natural
Sourcing Sustainable, Transparent
Growing Altitude 1,50 MASL

Tasting Notes

Coffee Cherry, Hot Cocoa, Sesame, Dried Apricot