Kenya - Tatu Peaberry

Size: 12oz

Grind: Whole Bean

$17.00 USD

Tatu Coffee Estate is owned by Kofinaf whose estates contribute to 8.5% of the coffee produced in all of Kenya. The estate recirculates water after processing to be reused. The estate has over 80 full-time employees, and around 500 daily walk-in workers. The estate prides itself on both sustainable coffee production practices, as well as empowering its workforce by having a Health and Safety Committee, and childcare for full-time employees.

Net Weight 340g - 12oz OR 5 lbs.
Roast Light
Origin Kiambu Kenya
Process Washed
Sourcing Sustainable, Transparent
Growing Altitude 1570 MASL

Tasting Notes

Walnut, Caramel, Pomelo, Prune