Lincensing Guidelines

The White Rhino Coffee brand has established itself in the DFW area as a shop that not only provides quality craft coffee and scratch eats, but also develops a relationship within its community. We believe our people and our products form the foundation for our marketing strategy. The uncompromising quality of our products and our focus on making a genuine, personal connection with our customers have enabled us to create uplifting experiences that currently define and differentiate us. And this has enabled us to inspire moments of connection that create a brighter outlook for ourselves and our community. That is the brand
promise of White Rhino Coffee and the heritage entrusted to those who market the brand.

We are pleased that you have chosen to serve White Rhino Coffee® products to your customers, and are delighted that you wish to use your time and resources to promote our brand. To help you, White Rhino Coffee has created the Customizable Marketing Toolkit templates available on this We Proudly Serve website available in the links below.

Note: Whether you customize a template or design your own art, remember that White Rhino Coffee must review and explicitly approve all artwork prior to production. Please email all artwork submissions to:

This is to ensure you’re getting the full advantage of your association with White Rhino Coffee, as well as help you avoid any incorrect and / or inappropriate usage of the We Proudly Serve White Rhino Coffee® and brand identity. For further details, please see the branding guide provided in a link below. Note also that the White Rhino Coffee logo may never be used independent of the “We Proudly Serve” text.


White Rhino Coffee reserves the right to decline usage of the White Rhino Coffee name or brand representation in any situation the company deems inappropriate for any reason even if the WPS logo usage meets these guidelines. Please remember that anything White Rhino Coffee doesn’t expressly approve in writing is considered not approved. White
Rhino Coffee may also require you to recall and / or reprint any marketing materials that do not meet with White Rhino Coffee current brand standards.

Click Below to View and Download Licensing Guides and Creative Assets