Hario V60 Ceramic Cone Coffee Dripper 02

$25.00 USD

This classic ceramic dripper is specially designed to produce an evenly brewed cup of coffee. The durable material retains heat to keep a consistent temperature through the brewing cycle. 


Brand Hario
Capacity 300 Milliliters
Color White
Special Feature Manual
Coffee Maker Type Pour Over
  • Pour Over Excellence: Specialty cone shape and unique spiral ridges allow for deeper layering of the coffee grounds, producing a deep, rich umami flavor
  • Pour Control: The V60 features a single large hole, improving pour flow and providing users the ultimate freedom-- Pour water quickly for a light flavor or slower for a rich, deep taste. Better accentuates coffees with floral or fruit flavor notes
  • Traditional Meets Modern: Our ceramic drippers are made from Arita-yaki, a traditional style of Japanese ceramics with a rich 400-year history. Each Hario pour over dripper is handmade by a local craftsperson in Japan
  • Product Details: Size 1; 1-2 cup brewing capacity. W119×D100 ×H82mm. Red color